Episode 97: Reasons To Quit

Jackie and Dunlap on Obama’s fight with ISIS in Iraq, and Palin’s fight at a party in Alaska. Plus Jackie’s message to America, Dunlap’s plan for the Republicans, What’s Your Favorite Race?, and Zimmermanwatch! Sponsored by Snakeheads and the Bible.  


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Can y’all just show this photo around Branson until somebody gives me a theater? - Dunlap

Can y’all just show this photo around Branson until somebody gives me a theater? - Dunlap

Jackie and Dunlap do another, final You-Ask-‘Em! YOU told us what to talk about! WE talked about it! OR avoided talking about it and went off on a weird, rambling tangent. Plus Crisis at the Murfreesboro City Fair! And the latest on Johnny Greenstreet and Dr. Birdman’s attempts to rescue Hurt/Ghost Bird. Sponsored by Jim Beavers of Comcast Cable and The Squatting Winker. 


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Episode 95: Bathroom Everywhere is now on YouTube, if that’s your deal.

Episode 95: Bathroom Everywhere

Obama’s got a tan suit, no strategy, and doesn’t believe it’s WWIII. WRONG WRONG WRONG! Jackie and Dunlap are here to set the record straight. Also Labor Day, Boat Police, Retired Jackie, James Bond, Jack Ryan, Dave, the Act Right List, Black Reagan, and Vaughn Meader.  Sponsored by Johnny Greenstreet’s Get Out! (“Not Rescuing Hurt Ghost Bird”) and Tee Tee Slott’s Murfreesboro Bottled Water Association’s Murfreesboro City Fair (“Next Week!”)image

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Throwback Curse-Day

Exactly one year ago we mentioned and doomed both Mickey Rooney and James Garner in the same podcast

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Our latest podcast is now available for you to listen-watch on YouTube. 


New track from Holtzclaw’s upcoming fall release This Tape Is Drunk.

Clip of the Week for the week of August 25, 2014: Hulk Hercules vs. Bear

Jackie & Dunlap on Harry Reid vs. Asians, Kevin Sorbo vs. Ferguson, Big Boy vs. Burger King, Jackie vs. Hamburglar, & Dunlap vs. Charles S. Dutton.  Sponsored by Dr. Birdman’s Free Hurt Bird Rally and smaller Free Jimmy Rally, and The Tee Tee Slott’s Murfreesboro Bottled Water Association’s Mayor’s Office/Coley’s Christian Cinemas Peace Screening (Of Possibly Blended.)


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